TDLCCSIndia, especially Kerala, is at the historic juncture of its progression into a new era. Substantial enhancement of infrastructural facilitation is the need of the hour. At the same time, social inertia and scepticism along with other obstacles hinder progress. However, the co-operative sector paves a new way around these obstacles. Through social incorporation of visionaries, experts, craftsmen, activists and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and a seamless blending of effectiveness and transparency, co-operatives are able to successfully surpass all hindrances.

Thrissur District Labour Contract Co-operative Society (TDLC) is an association of professional experts which undertakes and completes infrastructural constructions using advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipments, ensuring both enduring and aesthetic finish. The Co-operative acts in mutual co-operation based on a healthy culture, steeped in values, to meet the futuristic needs of the nation through inclusive development.


Higher Purpose

Countrywide progress through constructive cooperation.
We deliver equitable and inclusive progress of the individual, the society and the nation through consistent, committed and collaborative initiatives.





Core Values

Core Values

Cooperation is our culture.
We are a cooperative working together, supporting and complementing each other. We call it self-help through mutual help.
Our word is our deed.
We deliver on all our promises. We do all that we say and we say only what we do.
Society is our responsibility.
We are concerned for the society we are part of. We deliver Sustainable Value through Responsible Infrastructure.
Progress is our priority.
We use futuristically oriented, technologically advanced and sustainably sound solutions. We ensure nation’s growth.
Deep-rooted in its core values, the cooperative works for the development of its individual members and the society. The cooperative looks beyond its own profits and portfolio, working toward the higher purpose of a holistic development.



Eligibility: TDLC is one of the two Government-accredited valuation societies in Kerala.
Approach: TDLC undertakes private and public as well as commercial and social projects.
Commitment: TDLC serves the society with care, commitment and promptness.
Experience: TDLC was a construction partner in the CIAL and Kochi Metro projects.
Recognition: TDLC has won several prestigious awards for professional excellence.
Scope: TDLC is poised to become a trusted brand among the co-operative societies in the country.
Higher Purpose: TDLC is committed to the higher purpose of achieving ‘countrywide progress through constructive co-operation’.




TDLC aims to develop a culture of social building and social sharing, paving a new way to responsible construction reinforced through advanced scientific knowhow and techniques, professionalism and high standards of quality. The Co-operative plans to trim out excesses of expenditure and procedural duration for better efficiency, transparency and accountability.

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