TIDSO (Thrissur Infrastructure Development Solution Pvt. Ltd) is a sister concern of Thrissur District Labour Contract Co-operative Society (TDLCCS). TDLC is one of the government top approved firms for constructional purposes. TIDSO has etched itself a name in one of the top Construction Companies in Thrissur with prime focus on construction of flats and apartments. We have special society-based features for blending all cultural and social aspects leading to a strong infrastructure for the future. With our proven and exceptional expertise, we offer ready to occupy luxury flats in Thrissur and apartments ranging from 2 BHK to 3 BHK Flats at Metro Heights in the Heart of Thrissur city. We take pride in uncompromising integrity in customer engagement and quality assurance. Constructed by most trusted Builders and Developers in Thrissur, our luxury flats and apartments with a host of world-class amenities and features are offered with pre-bookings started. These flats with unique designs and state-of-art technologies facilitate comfortable and modern lifestyle. Make your visits enjoyable with posh facilities you have never experienced.


Keep the standard of quality high; trim out excesses at all stages in expenditure and procedural duration; better the line up and command by manning with the best informed and time tested candidates of the industry; characterize the whole movement with promptness and transparency in action and accountability.


Undertake and execute civil constructs of domestic and public utility, Roads, bridges and flyovers; and to recruit and groom a competent army of workmen, artisans, experts, engineers, architects, contractors, managers and activists of enterprising nature all in the egalitarian concept of co-operative activism; and forge participants who shoulder the tasks in mutual responsibility. Develop a new culture of social building and social sharing in the rush of progress; a culture of responsible construction with scientific qualities.

Our Mission

Furnish the society with modern infrastructure with care, speed and sustained nurture in holistic character. Found an association of vividly eminent hands potent to act in mutual co-operation; enshrine a healthy culture of synthesized effort hand in hand with merited plans that meet the futuristic needs of Trissur district in the inclusive development of the state; undertake and execute grand and gnat constructs that bear the seal of novel application of the advance edge of technology and aesthetics; above all, furnish the society with modern elements of infrastructure with care, speed and sustained nurture in holistic character.

Our Vision

To merge the social and individual expressions has envisioned us for this earnest effort. Kerala is at the historic juncture; all set to begin the new era of its progression to future. Infrastructural facilitation is to be substantially enhanced for this voyage. Still, social inertia and skeptical rust hinder it along with other obstacles. Co-operative sector brings in the remedy. It materializes social incorporation of visionaries, experts, craftsmen, activists and enthusiastic entrepreneurs as the wisest and surest way to surpass the said hindrance; blending effectiveness and transparency. Moreover, it merges social and individual expressions and dividends. This has envisioned us in noble mind for this earnest effort.

Things to remember before purchasing Flats in Thrissur

Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, has evolved into a modern city with all the aspects of urbanization. There is a lot of hustle due to the growing economy of this place. Still, the town is capable of lending tranquillity to its dwellers. People from neighbouring areas flock in during evenings and off days along with families to let go of the burdens of life without paying a hefty price for leisure. It is a beautiful amalgamation of the countryside with modernized living. All of this makes Thrissur the best place to nest.

There are multiple builders and developers in Thrissur proving living spaces in the town. Nevertheless, it is always wise to indulge in some research before zeroing a dwelling space. In case one wants to opt for ready to occupy flats in Thrissur, here are some points that must be kept in mind.

Choose the right builder

The most important criterion is the credibility of builders and developers in Thrissur. It must be a government-approved firm that has successfully dealt with some massive projects. Visiting the builder's website can help as a lot of information will be divulged there. One can gain knowledge regarding the raw materials used to build structures. Moreover, the plan and dimension of ready to occupy luxury flats in Thrissur will be helpful for you to determine if you want to invest there. After that, a visit to the builder's office and the site can help in deciding the further course of action.

Determine your requirements

Flats are available in variable sizes. One can choose to stay in a studio apartment or a 1, 2, 3 BHK flat. It depends on your requirements. Here you may need to evaluate the needs of your family. There might be confusion regarding the number of bedrooms. Here is a piece of mind to resolve that issue. A 2BHK may seem cheaper than 3BHK, but the requirements of the family may expand in future, and the only option will be to buy a new flat. In that scenario purchasing a 3BHk in the present will be more affordable. Moreover, an extra room will be beneficial when you are welcoming guests.


The proximity to various landmarks is also crucial. Medical emergencies can occur at any moment, so always opt for a flat that is closer to a hospital. In the same way, schools need to be near as children can be tired with a long journey and may not be able to concentrate on studies. Shopping arcades, places of worship, recreational spots, and your workspace being close to home will reduce the travelling time that can be invested in a fulfilling activity.


Power and water and two necessities to carry out the daily errands. Ensure that there are power back-up and a consistent supply of water. Tidso is offering ready to occupy flats in Thrissur with excellent amenities such as solar power for lighting, 24 hours power back-up, rain harvesting system and a rooftop barbeque. There is also a health club and an enormous parking spot.

Resale value

There is a lot of apprehensions regarding the resale of flats. On the contrary, there is nothing easier than selling a flat. It is profitable too. But, it will only be possible if you buy a flat keeping in mind all the above points.

Staying in ready to occupy flats in Thrissur is like living as one big family with a private space of their own. Visit Tidso for acquiring a flat in Thrissur with all the modern amenities and spend your remaining life in the comfort.

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